Light as a Feather

Andrea Anderson
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Sixteen years old and mostly an orphan, Ainsley Alvarez copes with the sudden death of her father the only way she knows how—she buries her rage and her grief and her highly detailed plans for the immediate future right alongside his big mahogany casket in a plot at Forest Lawn, and then goes to live with her estranged mother and her made-to-order replacement family in approximately 3,000 square feet of tastefully renovated rural Kentucky farmhouse.

​At first, it's just a nightmare Ainsley can't pinch herself awake from; just one long, interminably painful moment of introspection she can't fast-forward through.

She hides out in her brand-new, unseasonably cold attic bedroom, and tries her considerable best to avoid Annabelle, her docile, sweetly unassuming mother; and Nate, her clumsily earnest, high school celebrity quarterback of a not-brother; and Mason, the tattooed loner with the weird piercings and the weirder ghost stories and the smile that strikes Ainsley as a little too calculating to be sincere.

And then there's Killian, the enigmatic, intensely unnerving Civil War cosplayer lurking in the shadows of the decrepit old barn next to the farmhouse—who just might be a ghost.

Meanwhile, Ainsley's already-strained relationship with Annabelle is further complicated by the revelation of several uncomfortable fragments of the past; the LAPD suspects her father's death might not have been such an accident, after all; and Killian’s motives for seeking Ainsley out, for continuing to haunt the ragged, rotting recesses of the old barn—they grow murkier and more sinister with every passing day.

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Light as a Feather

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